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Corporate Safety Training specializing in manipulative and transporting effective safety training and services. We have a extensive range of Safety Training programme on subjects such as Basic Fire Safety, Advanced Fire Safety, First Aid, Electrical Safety, Scaffold Safety, Emergency Planning, Mock Drill, etc. We have a diversity of Safety Accessing facilities including Risk Assessment, Safety Audit, and Fire Exit Plan.

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Safety Training for Employees

We trust that decent safety is good business making for the organization. Our Safety Training and services are planned to change the safety culture at your workplace; improving job site safety and reducing losses related to nonattendance and worker’s compensation claims. Our ISO Trainings are designed to be an excellent introduction for anyone involved in the growth and execution of the management system.

Safety Training helps employees understand approved practices and safety expectations. Safety trainings are vital tools for workers gaining a solid knowledge of safety information associated with their jobs. 

If safety isn’t made explicitly relevant to employees’ jobs, they will be at greater risk for injury, illness or even death.

Basic Safety Training.

Personal survival techniques. 

Fire prevention and Firefighting.

Elementary first aid.

Electrical Safety. 

Personal safety Using appropriate PPEs.

The safety training program should cover topics such as:

  • Accident prevention and safety promotion.
  • Safety compliance.
  • Accident and emergency response.
  • Personal protective equipment usage.
  • Safety practices.
  • Mobile and machinery Guarding’s safety.
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials safety.
  • Lifting Tools and Tackles Safety.
  • Types of Various Work Permits.


Every corporate has the vision to prevent the Fire and other untoward incidents in order to avoid the losses of Properties and to Protect their Corporate Employees wellbeing to upkeep their corporate Brand Image.

Corporate Fire safety classes teach about the devices that aid in fire prevention, the various Fire Fighting Methods that are involved in handling such fire disaster circumstances, and how safely exit their inmates from the premises during a fire. This fire safety training helps in reducing the risks. A fire can occur at any moment and in any locations of their Premises.

The list of Corporate Fire Trainings are as mentioned Below.

1.Fire Protection.

2. Flammable Chemicals Safe Handling.

3. Laboratory Safety.

4.Fire Hydrant System.

5.Fire Sprinkler System.

6.Emergency Handling.

7.Onsite Emergency.

8.Offsite Emergency.

9. Roles & Responsibilities of the Team Members.

10.National Building Codes.


  • Use tools, equipment and machinery Training.
  • How to Report any unsafe conditions.
  • How to wear all necessary safety gears.
  • How to Keep workplace free from any clutter (5S Practices).
  • How personnel to Stay hydrated.
  • Practice good posture when sitting or lifting.
  • Be aware of workplace surroundings Hazards.

Risk Assessment

If you need training personalized to your individual and corporate necessities & Spplimited can help with corporate clients, we are known for our ability to adapt our training to meet your specific workplace safety needs. We can exploit your training budget and make sure your staff are trained well and matched to their specific position.

Corporate Safety Training

Our course materials include instructional design and offer persuasive training content, designed to engage participants and simplify the transfer of knowledge. Training subjects contain: safety training, human possessions training, maintenance and reliability training, healthcare training and government training. Course content is considered by subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with health, safety, environmental, ethical and operational standards.

Corporate Safety Training Services

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